In the middle of February, Conte Cafe opened in the heart of Budapest next to the Basilica, offering its brutally delicious coffee in special handmade chocolate waffle cones.

And the taste of melted chocolate and perfect South American coffee serves in perfect harmony. After drinking the drink, the handmade waffle cone and melted chocolate provide a truly sweet experience.

ConteCcino, a hot waffle cone drink from Conte Cafe, quickly took the internet by storm. Sharing your favorite coffee moments on social media is a daily ritual for most caffeine addicts. And the sight of ConteCcino and St. Stephen’s Basilica provides a real culinary experience among these contents.

ConteCcino combines ice cream, coffee and chocolate, which are all TikTok favorites, while crowning this unique experience with foamed milk, which affects all our senses.

The waffle cones are made individually and by hand using only top-quality premium Belgian chocolate. And the Belgian Dark Chocolate waffle cone is completely Vegan, it does not contain any ingredients of animal origin, if you order your ConteCcino with vegetable milk, it will be completely dairy-free. A great favorite of many is the white chocolate waffle cone, which gives a really exciting mix with the taste of coffee.

 Due to the high cocoa content, highlighted premium ingredients and the generous addition of chocolate, the waffle cones keep hot drinks for at least 10 minutes without dripping.

 Visit the cute little shop just a few steps from the Basilica and create your own #ConteCcino experience for TikTok and Instagram in front of the Basilica.