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The most delicious coffees in handmade chocolate waffle cones have arrived in Budapest!

“Conte” means “With you” in Italian, referring to the fact that We want to share the new experience of drinking coffee with you. We offer you the most delicious coffees in the heart of Budapest next to the Szent István Basilica. Coffee beans from South America are roasted in Budapest so that you can enjoy the freshest, best coffee experience.

Our fruit waffle cone dessert is #FruttiCcino, which our culinary team prepares with great enthusiasm. We strive to make all our products for you from the best ingredients, making sure that we leave the smallest footprint on our environment.

#ConTeCcino We offer Budapest’s best coffee in our homemade Belgian dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, or Ruby chocolate waffle cones. Espresso with a little milk foam, chocolate premium in a Waffel cone. – NOT TO BE MISSED –

We make #BabyConteCcino for children and those who don’t like coffee. The basis of BabyConteCcino is milk or vegetable milk, from which milk foam is made and flavored with cinnamon or cocoa. If you visit us with the family, the children can also enjoy a delicious drink from a  waffle cone together with their parents.

In our continuously updated product range, different types of hot chocolate variations, matcha, chai and other coffee specialties are waiting for you. You have to try our white chocolate Matcha hot chocolate. #MatchaHotChocolate

🌱 Good news for those who don’t like dairy products. Ask for the dark chocolate conteccino with alternative milk, which is 100% vegan!

Croffles, i.e. Korean street food sweets, have arrived in our cafe. The term “croffle” was created from the combination of the words croissant and waffle and is a real delicacy. Learn more about croffle here. #Croffle

We are waiting for you every day.


Conte Cafe Basilica

1051 Budapest Sas utca 11.


Budapest waffle cone coffee ConteCcino is the new star of TikTok.

Budapest waffle cone coffee ConteCcino is the new star of TikTok.

In the middle of February, Conte Cafe opened in the heart of Budapest next to the Basilica, offering its brutally delicious coffee in special handmade chocolate waffle cones. And the taste of melted chocolate and perfect South American coffee serves in perfect...

Have you ever tried Croffle?

Have you ever tried Croffle?

Have you ever tasted croffle? Korean street food sweets? The term "croffle" was created by combining the words croissant and waffle. Try the magic of croffle now at the Conte Cafe Basilica, next to the Christmas market. Fresh raw croissants are baked in a waffle oven,...




1051 Budapest, Sas utca 11.

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